Thursday, April 17, 2008

Riding the waves...

This has become my nightly ritual on cold nights in our 60 degree bedroom:
  • Go to bed wearing flannel nightgown, cover with sheet and quilt.
  • Warm up, toss off quilt
  • Wake up boiling, rip off flannel nightgown, put on sleeveless cotton sleep shirt.
  • Wake up again freezing, pull up quilt.
  • Wake up sweating, toss off quilt, turn on fan, pull up sleep shirt.
  • Wake up naked and freezing, pull up quilt.
  • Wake up to my alarm, comfortable and cozy in a cold, cold room.
  • Hit the snooze 3-4 times because I don't want to get up in a cold room.
  • Cover myself with Partner's down comforter in order to force a hot flash.
  • Doze off all comfy cozy.
  • Wake up boiling. Fling off comforter. Turn off alarm. Get out of bed, now plenty warm from my own fakakte internal thermostat.
Fun, fun!

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Sarah Laurenson said...

I can so relate. With no blankets, I get the river of sweat running down the middle of my chest while my wife is buried under 3 blankets. It's actually taken a little time off and I've been cold more often than usual lately.