Thursday, April 17, 2008

I wish I knew...

The problem with combining a too-long history of premenstrual total emotional chaos with having no idea if I'm even capable of being menstrual again is that I can't tell if I'm emotionally out of whack because of regular ordinary stress and lack of sleep, or if it's the old rickety emotional roller-coaster.

There is this wonderful poem that I love, the name and author of which totally escapes me right now (menopause brain), that asks the very important question, "do I feel as if my life sucks and that my partner is a jerk because I'm PMS, or does having PMS simply open me up to acknowledging that my life sucks and that my partner is a jerk?" Not that I think Partner is a jerk, but I could have used just a bit less attitude last night...

So, were last night's impatience, bad mood and tears a result of having worked a 12 hour day (night class) and feeling seriously behind on what I need to get done for work, or will do I have something to "look forward" to in a few days?

News at 11. Bleh.

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